Welcome to Radical Un-Jobbing!

On The Leisure Track

On The Leisure Track

Welcome to Radical Un-Jobbing!  This is the new online home of me, D. JoAnne Swanson, founder of Creating Livable Alternatives to Wage Slavery (CLAWS) and former owner of whywork.org.  Whywork is a pro-leisure and anti-wage-slavery site that has been online since 1999 when I originally merged my work with Sarah Nelson’s Leisure Party site.

Although whywork.org is still online, I have not been involved with it since 2004, and I have no control over the state in which it currently exists.  Its design features have been stripped, leaving nothing but raw text, and its last update was years ago.  Even the forums, which were once fairly active and well-loved, are now eerily quiet.

So consider this the temporary home of the fledgling “CLAWS 2.0.”  I will be re-posting my old essays and book reviews from whywork.org in new revised versions, and there will be news about the revival of my long-dormant book project, On The Leisure Track: Creating Radical Alternatives to Conventional Employment.

This blog does not allow comments.  To contact me, use e-mail: radical.unjobbing AT gmail.  Please understand that although I read all e-mail I receive, time does not permit me to answer all of it.

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