Rethinking the Job Culture is now on Medium – with a new look!

Announcement - Now on MediumNow that my patronage is growing on Patreon (thank you SO much!) which is giving me a little more time to write (yay!), I’ve decided to migrate a few of my readers’ favorite posts from this blog over to a new platform I’m very impressed with: Medium.

I particularly love Medium’s built-in responsive design features.  Just the other day I was lamenting the fact that my WordPress blogs look so dated, and was wondering when I’d manage to fit in enough time to sit down and redesign them according to principles of responsive design.  Medium to the rescue!

If you’re on Medium, please follow Rethinking the Job Culture there, and if you appreciate the writings I’ve posted there, please recommend them to others by clicking the little heart at the bottom of the articles.  It helps them get seen by new audiences, and lets me know people are reading them.

This WordPress blog will remain online indefinitely as an archive of my early work, but my focus has now shifted to Patreon and Medium.  Patrons will be first to see all of my new published work, as always, including On The Leisure Track when it is finished.  I recently posted the chapter titles from the book on Patreon publicly; chapter summaries will follow as soon as they are polished up.

Comments are allowed on both Patreon and Medium, so if you have something to say about my work, please comment over there.  Thank you!

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