Blog revival and migration

RJC blog migration announcement

I’ve decided to redesign, update, and revive this blog under a new domain name, and I will soon be migrating over to a self-hosted installation. After a year of focusing on Medium and Patreon, it’s become clear to me that for a writer, there’s just no substitute for a proper blog. And this one still bears the same design it had when I launched it in 2010, so it’s in need of a thorough update before I start posting here again.

I’m not going to stop releasing work on Medium or Patreon; I still appreciate both platforms greatly. I’m simply going to incorporate my public posts from those platforms into this blog also, so that everything will be searchable in one well-organized collection that is under my own control.

More news coming up when the transfer is done. I’ll also post updates to Facebook and Twitter.

In the meantime, if you have an account on Patreon (you need not be a creator yourself to have one), you can use the “follow” button to receive, like, and comment on my public posts in your home feed there – even if you are not a patron of mine.