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D. JoAnne Swanson, founder

D. JoAnne Swanson, founder

D. JoAnne Swanson, a.k.a. Danica, is a freelance writer, polytheist, and Pagan contemplative. She is best known for her ecologically and spiritually inspired critiques of coercive wage labor and other influential writings on alternatives to conventional employment.

In 1998 she founded Creating Livable Alternatives to Wage Slavery (CLAWS) and designed its first website at whywork.org; the site is now recognised as an authoritative source on the Wikipedia entry for “refusal of work.” In 2010, in response to strong reader demand, she launched a new blog, Rethinking the Job Culture, to carry on the legacy of its now-dormant predecessor.

She is also a passionate and longtime fan of dark ambient and industrial music. Her book* Endarkenment: The Esoteric in Dark Ambient Music and Culture  will feature interview material and artistic contributions from some of the most highly respected musicians in the genre. In 2006 she launched her solo ritual dance project, Shrine of Skadi, inspired by “music you can’t dance to” – dark ambient. As resident hermit and CEO (Creative Endarkenment Overseer) of The Black Stone Hermitage, a private Portland, Oregon-based sanctuary for contemplatives of a darker persuasion, she lives in a haven of solitude made possible only by a web of thriving community relationships.

She can often be found sipping lapsang souchong, practicing her Swedish, supporting the basic income movement, quoting feminist philosophers, investigating the acoustics of subterranean spaces, or hiking in the temperate Cascadian rainforests (with frequent pauses to appreciate the lush mosses and lichens).

*An offer from a publisher in January 2016 has shifted her writing plans and priorities.  She will continue work on the Endarkenment book after she finishes writing On The Leisure Track, her current in-progress manuscript.

Comment policy and contact info:

This blog does not allow comments.  However, feedback is welcome via e-mail: radical.unjobbing AT gmail DOT com.  Please understand that although the author reads all e-mail she receives, she is not able to answer all of it.

More frequent updates can be found at her Facebook page for Rethinking the Job Culture.

Site History:

D. JoAnne Swanson’s former project, Why Work, is a pro-leisure and anti-wage-slavery site that has been online since 1999 when her work was merged with Sarah Nelson’s UK-based Leisure Party site.  In the late 1990s/early 2000s she moderated a well-respected e-mail discussion list associated with Creating Livable Alternatives to Wage Slavery.

Although whywork.org is still online, she has not been involved with it since she gave up ownership of it in 2004, and she has no control over the state in which it currently exists.  The domain name and site is owned by Katz Global Media.  The popular forums have occasionally been revived, but are currently offline as of Feb. 2015, with no indication as to whether or not they will ever return.

To explore the project’s history, you can use the Wayback Machine to read the farewell letter she wrote in 2004, examine the changes archived by date, browse the site as it was just before she gave up control over it, or see it as it appeared after the final design change was made by the new owner.

The previous name of this site, Radical Unjobbing, was inspired by Michael Fogler’s book Un-Jobbing: The Adult Liberation HandbookCheck it out – highly recommended!

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